Boring Pipe Manitoba

Boring Pipe

Directional Drilling Pipe

Innovative Techniques and Equipment

With our experienced workers, up to date technology and the latest drilling pipe equipment, we specialize in drilling natural gas lines, electrical lines, and plumbing and sewer lines. We work to get the job done right regardless of all conflicts combining innovated techniques and equipment to complete the project on time, effectively and thoroughly.

Natural Gas Pipe Manitoba

Natural Gas

We have safely installed thousands of miles of natural gas distribution line throughout Manitoba. We are licenced to fuse all natural gas lines. With years of experience in natural gas, we have a remarkable track record and have built a reputation for quality.

Electrical Pipe Manitoba


We safely and precisely install underground telecommunications, geo thermal and power cable conduits, without disturbing the surrounding area. Our expert trenchless drilling technology allows you to safely bore under any natural or man-made obstacle.

Plumbing and Sewer Pipe Manitoba

Plumbing and Sewer

Utilizing state of the art tracking technology and quality equipment, at Barickman Manufacturing we have completed drilling in all types of ground conditions, from sands and clays to solid granite, drilling up to 8" pipes for all sewer and water lines.

Family Owned, Family Operated

Whether you're relocating or in search of a new home, restoring old heating systems in livestock facilities, updating old outdated electrical and sewer line or switching to natural gas lines, Barickman Manufacturing specializes in all three categories.

Family owned and operated with experienced hardworking crews, Barickman Manufacturing gets the job done promptly, efficiently and cost friendly. And we'll always remain sensitive to your budgetary concerns - that's our promise. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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