Water Heaters Manitoba

Commercial Heaters

Agricultural Commercial Heaters

Built for the Most Extreme Environments

Built for the most extreme agricultural environments our hot water heaters made with rust proof stainless steel exterior housing, explosion proof motors, easy to clean interior and fins that will not bend or warp from high pressure washers. With a confident mind we can guarantee our heaters will be beneficial to you and your livestock.


Water Heaters Manitoba

C.H.S. 16-20 & V.H.S. 16-20

  • 40-60,000 BTU's
  • Air Volume 1500 CFM's
  • Fan 3 Wing 14" Aluminum
  • Weight 55 Lbs
  • Size 16x20x20
  • 12 Tubes
Water Heaters Manitoba

C.H.S. 20-26 & V.H.S. 20-26

  • 60-90,000 BTU's
  • Air Volume 2200 CFM's
  • Fan 3 Wing 16" Aluminum
  • Weight 85 Lbs
  • Size 20x26x20
  • 16 Tubes
Water Heaters Manitoba

C.H.S. 26-32 & V.H.S. 26-32

  • 100-120,000 BTU's
  • Air Volume 3200 CFM's
  • Fan 3 Wing 20" Aluminum
  • Weight 145 Lbs
  • Size 26x32x20
  • 20 Tubes


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Whether you're relocating or in search of a new home, restoring old heating systems in livestock facilities, updating old outdated electrical and sewer line or switching to natural gas lines, Barickman Manufacturing specializes in all three categories.

Family owned and operated with experienced hardworking crews, Barickman Manufacturing gets the job done promptly, efficiently and cost friendly. And we'll always remain sensitive to your budgetary concerns - that's our promise. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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